When the plugin status is wait

When the Amibroker is start , but my data plugin status is set to wait , but i still get the GetQuoteEx call for data

how to set Amibroker wait for DATA plugin ready , then send first GetQuoteEx request

Are you registered user?
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Sorry , I am not a registered user ??
But , my customer is,
I am a programer job for them
do a plugin job , and some afl

i think , this is a open community forum , so , i post some question to here
to discuss with anyother amibroker user, not for Support

if i want get Support , i will get the user information , and then i will call the support service.

If you earn money on AmiBroker you need to have license. The same way as if you sell the software you need to have license for the compiler.

And good luck with getting the answer to your plugin programming questions from anybody but me.

It is not good idea to bite helping hand.

BTW: how clever - get a programming paid job and ask on forum how to do your job.

I do wonder where you got AmiBroker 5.98 x64 bit from you are talking about here. That is publicly not available but to members only. Looks like illegal activity to me.


i change to use the free trial version 6.00.2 64bit