Where are the Scheduler task definitions stored?

Hi is there some xml file or similar where I could programatically I could populate the Scheduler tasks?

I need to run a batch every minute, and able to disable/enable it from time to time during the day.

I need to import an ASCII file that grows realtime from polygon.io. I've seen other alternatives, but not sure what is best.


If you want to control imports programmatically , use OLE automation interface

and not abuse scheduler.

So, what are the steps exactly?

I create a batch that loads and ASCII file and then using and OLE script I run the batch every minute? How is the OLE script launched for the first time? No explanation in that page.

So is this method to import and ASCII file?

  • Function Import(ByVal Type As Integer, ByVal FileName As String, [ByVal DefFileName As Variant]) As Long

What is Type?

And then how do I run and OLE script?

There are literally zillions of posts on this forum already. Why don't you use search?

If you used search you would see that:

Already seen those posts.

How do you launch the OLE script?

How do I do it to make it run every minute? A loop inside the jscript? or is there a way to launch the script every minute?

Suddenly Google doesn’t work anymore?

The script examples are not OLE script (no such thing) but JavaScript inside WSH (Windows scripting host).
All these questions are not really AmiBroker questions but JavaScript and Windows scripting questions. As such, the information about those are available on Microsoft pages, Stackoverflow, AmiBroker knowledge base and numerous others. If you know what XML is, you are perfectly capable of finding needed information using Google search or even ChatGPT.

Click here

Nice thanks.

The docs are very fragmented Tomasz. I can find many forum threads going in many different directions, old KB articles, the docs explaining important details in remote places...

Oh really, fragmented? you did not even click on the link provided where everything is in one place AmiBroker Tips - Issue 2/2001 (No. 10)

Is it easier to criticise than just click?

Is the article old? Yes. But it is 100% actual and 100% working too.

I don’t change things that work perfectly, just for the sake of change. In todays world there is some absurd tendency to only accept new, when new often means worse.

Like music of the 70s and 80s, old often means BETTER than anything made today

And “remote places”? What kind of argument is that? Everything today is remote. That is what Internet is about. Remote yet accessible in a sec. You want to argue or want to learn? For pointless arguments there are other places like Facebook or Twitter.