Where can I find all of the yahoo (and all other) ticker symbols?

Where can I find all of the yahoo (and all other financial data sites AmiQuote supports) ticker symbols?
Not sure why I'm having a hard time finding this up-to-date information. Thought I'd ask.

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First search the forum. There is really LOT of information ALREADY there. And it does not help if the same question is asked over and over again instead of using existing threads.


First thread that is absolute must-read is this: AmiQuote Frequently Asked Questions

For US symbol list, see here: Tools \ Update US symbol list and categories

For Australia: How to download End-of-Day data from ASX (Australia)

For Indonesia: How to download EOD data from JSE (Jakarta)

For India: NSE Ticker List

Really ALL information is ALREADY there. Just use search

Another way to get ticker symbol list is from eoddata.com.
Here is the link for NASDAQ stocks.
But you must register with them first. It's free.
I tried both NASDAQ and NYSE. The lists are complete.
Having an up to date stock database is a challenge. Every month, there are a handful of stocks gotten delisted either gone bankrupt, taken over, gone private etc. There are a few new comers via IPO.

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