Which data sources provide current EOD quotes?

I need today's open, last price, high and low for the day (so far). For US equity indexes, SPX, NDX, RUT, and VIX. The yahoo and google current quote URLs are not working anymore. Is there a way to get these current EOD quotes from IB?

I don't see any issue with Google Finance EOD. Both NYSE:GE and GE work and as of 4PM EST March 16th. Using AQ data goes from April 26, 2002 - March 15, 2018.

Tiingo Current (AmiQuote 3.29) or Yahoo Historical or Tiingo.com (EOD)

@Tomasz Thank you. Do you happen to know if Interactive Brokers provides current-day OCHL quotes? I know they have streaming quotes for last price, but not sure about Open, Low, and High of the day.

Depending on API level (version) they send High, Low, Previous Close and in newest versions Open too, https://interactivebrokers.github.io/tws-api/tick_types.html#gsc.tab=0

Yes I see now. Thank you for sharing.