Which hardware component is most critical to Amibroker performance?

I have many custom indicators written in AFL. Some are not efficiently written due to use of for loops( My fault, not Amibroker's). When I move the selector bar to a new position, there is some delay.

If I want to spend more on hardware to improve performance, which hardware component should I buy? More RAM or faster CPU? I'm already using SSD.

How about exploration and backtesting? Does RAM or CPU matter more?

This thread may provide an answer.

More the CPU better it is, because:

AmiBroker is multi-threaded application and is able to utilize as many cores as your CPU has.

(Quote from Recommended hardware/software for AmiBroker)

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@ thankyou18, I suggest spending that money (and needed time) to learn how to correct the code by removing unnecessary loops and/or minimizing calculations (for example limiting them to visible bars when it makes sense): the performance increase could be very significant!

I like this quote:


@beppe, well said. @Tomasz has written AB so efficiently it will probably run on my watch if I could code it properly.

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Seems like the number of cores in the CPU is one of the more important factors to boost performance of Amibroker.


I absolutely agree with you. THis is why I said in my original post that it was my fault, not Amibroker knowing Tomasz did a good job on speed and performance with Amibroker.

Software optimization is an ongoing effort and is more likely to yield a performance boost than spending on hardware. Still, good to know on what kind of hardware will maximize performance of the software.

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@thankyou18, let's be frank: we're all a bit 'geeky' around here (otherwise we wouldn't be developing our own trading systems) so the more hardware the better! :trophy:


@thankyou18, I found the computer you need to adequately run your code...



@ghanson that image which you shared would be more than enough to run a full-fledged crypto-farm? :slight_smile:

In today's context, a 4-Core CPU with Intel's Hyper-Threading (HT) & Turbo-Boost is more than enough to run the elegant AmiBroker and perform normal everyday tasks from a home PC.

Well, since hackers found a way to steal data from the µProcessor by exploiting its Simultaneous Multi-Threading (SMT, otherwise branded by Intel as HT), Intel stopped facilitating it for sometime in the past few generations. Anyways, they are back with it again in their 9th Gen. Thus, its a bit ambiguous for me.

As of today, I find a no HT i5 9400F ('F' for no integrated graphics which is not a problem since a GPU is required anyways to reduce graphical processing stress on CPU). It not only provide efficient competitive performance with its 6 cores but also is secure and very cost-effective.

Having this said, like @beppe mentioned, the onus is always on the user when it comes to efficient AFL writting for charting or analysis purposes.


If I can afford that computer, I don't need to trade anymore and I won't be using Amibroker anymore. Haha.

Agreed on the rest but not the last part. You will still be able to use AmiBroker with exponential capabilities to scan and study everything that ticks in the financial markets of the entire world. Now the question is, would you be interested to run Windows on such a beast? :smiley:

@Cougar @thankyou18, that is the IBM/NVIDIA/Mellanox Summit. The latest supercomputer with performance rated at 200 petaflops. Summit is used for civilian scientific research while its sister supercomputer, Sierra, is purposed for nuclear weapons simulation.
Either one should be suitable for our needs...

IMHO, if we want to optimize with many parameters combination, it is necessary to have a good performance or newer PC.

As suggested from Amibroker Knowledge Base.