While Deleting Import.log file in Amibroker folder,what will be result..?

Hi Experts & Tomasz ,

my Amibroker folder have 1.5gb nearly, but my 2 database contain 30mb only..

so i checked why it shows 1.5gb ,find in ami folder,Import.log file has 1.3gb

if i delete import.log what will be done in amibroker?
any improvement while RT mode running,mean cpu usage reduce?
DB will corrupt if i delete it?

Please elaborate about import.log


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That file doesn't contain any critical operational info.
All Data imports are logged to this file.

You can safely delete, after exiting AB, and will be created in the next run by AB.


That is incorrect. It contains critical information about ERRORS that occurred during import.

Normally, this file is few kilobytes. If it is 1.3GB it means that the imports that you are trying generate enormous amount of errors and you are doing something wrong. Open this file (with Notepad) and see what it says. Properly performed import should just generate single line in the log file without any errors.
After you examine the log file and fix the errors you can delete this file as it is informational use only.


Thanks for travick & Tomasz..
notepad not open bcas of 1.3gb, so opend in excel with error notification.it shows import information,i am not able to check fully..
anyway i deleted import.log
monday will check in rt mode,if i found any error ,i will reply here..

Thanks agian,
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Awaiting my previous post to be approved and a very similar case i can recall from here.


@madhan do share details when in RT.
They won't be errors as such, just accumulated a write per second.

Can you provide details of your RT provider? I suspect they aren't using proper route of DLL to deliver data.
They must be using OLE import, and generating an entry probably every second. That's the kind of writes you need to reach 1+ GB.

That is wrong. ASCII import is not intended to be called every second.

S dear, RT based OLE, so every tick log file written..
so huge ..
Monday will check thoroughly while rt import..

Thanks for kindly help and explained nicely..

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Dera Tomasz,
S, ascii import not taken huge log written.
but Maybe OLE companant written every tick in to log file?
so maybe huge ..?

Pls explain & how to drop in future of huge written in log file..


What is the "S" for ?

TJ has clarified, that is simply wrong using OLE.

If you do choose to continue, its at your own will, it will thrash your disk among other things and there is no solution from AB.
The right way to feed data is using a DLL - Data plugin.

You can delete the log file daily or whatever but this is not Official Advice.

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Dear Tomasz ,Travick & experts..
As per above topic continuation herewith attached Real-time updation of "import.log" file video..

within 1 min import.log updated 100kb more ..

why? how..?


There is nothing surprising. I've already told you in above post #10. Read it once again.

The reason for such incremental file size increase is also explained in above posts.
You need to take it up with the Data source/vendor.

The other part that you are not considering is that the Data app will also be writing as frequently to another file(s) that are being imported.
In other words, this is a recipe for disaster.( atleast sub-optimal performance )

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Just use Notepad2 http://www.flos-freeware.ch/notepad2.html