Why am getting Saving popup freqently


Am new to Amibroker and am getting a frequent Popup Saving Wizard during Intraday Market, its poping out every 10 seconds and due to this I can select any options in Amibroker. Attaching the popup as below. Can any one suggest how to disable this operation and run this operation as background only.



What is your data source?

Is it a data plugin or via OLE?

something other than AB itself is invoking the save DB command.

Hi Travick,

Thanks for your response.
Its a third party data feed only to Amibroker Local Database , so whenever this data update happen this popup appear.

Let me know any other setup which I can follow to avoid this issue.


So why don't you contact this third party? It is most probably their faulty software causing your problems - I've never heard about such problems. Besides which AB version are you using?

Yes Milosz as per Travick response its a command running to save DB, may be that cause this issue.
Before am reaching the 3rd party support, is there option to control this popup. Your advice will be really helpful.

If some external script/software invokes every 10 seconds AmiBroker.SaveDatabase() I don't know any way how you can stop saving database so frequently, apart from not using such wrongly written formula.

For example this external jscript saves AmiBroker's database every time it is executed:

var AmiBroker = new ActiveXObject( "Broker.Application" );

You can also check if some of your AFLs don't contain similar lines. If yes, you can comment them out and see if it helps.


Cheers Milosz for your wonderful support, I will try to utilize your solution.

Just got confirmed, its a known bug from my third party and they are working on the fix.

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