Why am I not getting the Port curve ... blackout

Port[0] = 100000;
for( i = 1; i < 5; i++ )
Port[i] = Port[i-1] + 0.1*Port[i-1];
_TRACE("Port = " + Port[i-1]);
Plot(Port,“Port”, colorRed);

Trace gives me the Port but Plot nothing …

Why would this work when you don’t fill entire array with values? The formula is wrong.
Read “How do I learn AFL” post.

Thanks Tomasz. There is nothing wrong with the formula. I just did not zoom in enough to
see the first 5 bars. Stupid me … Anyway sorry for asking …

I mean, the formula is wrong because you don’t fill all bars with values. Your Port array has NOT initialized values from bar 5 upto BarCount - 1. And you are assuming that you actually HAVE 5 bars, but assumptions are NOT facts and http://www.amibroker.com/kb/2014/09/22/do-not-make-assumptions-on-number-of-bars/

That’s correct. All I wanted to see were the first 5 bars. …
And yes I know that it’s possible that I will not see all 5 bars.
Because I had the ^GSPC selected, the first 5 bars did not show
up immed. Only after zooming in I got the bars …
Something I should have done before sending this email.