Window opening on missing screen - registry key - 'how to' question


This question relates to a previous post:
" Can’t see filter pop up window in Analysis because I disconnected screen"

The problem is this:

When you open a new window, say a filter or a formula window and drag it to a second (or third) monitor Amibroker remembers that you want that type of window open on that particular monitor and always sends it to that monitor - even when the monitor is not there.

This is a problem if you are using a laptop and with its own screen sometimes but with other screens at other times. When you revert to using the laptop by itself your windows can open on monitors that are simply not there at the time.

One way around this would be to always make sure windows open on the laptop screen - not ideal.

Thomaz identified the solution as follows:

Nothing is frozen. You have moved your filter to the OTHER SCREEN, then you disconnected the screen and it opens fine but just in the old position - on external screen that you disconnected (so you can't see it).

Now you need to RESET (delete) stored window positions.

Open REGEDIT in Windows and DELETE the ALL keys beginning with

where XX is either 2 or 3 letter hex code (digits 0..9, and letters a..f)

A google search convinced me to proceed with caution, messing with Registry Keys seems to be dangerous.

I was hoping someone could provide slightly more detailed instructions.

Exactly what is it that one is meant to delete?

Everything from DialogueXX - the folder and the contents? just the contents?
What are the risks of deleting DilagueXX folders and files?

Thanks community.

Mark W

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No it is not dangerous if you delete those DialogXX entries. Delete them all.

Thank you Tomasz
I really appreciate your prompt reply

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