Windows 10 October 2018 update wipes out user files

You may know from some of my posts that I don't like "cloud" at all. And now you have first victims of OneDrive cloud: and

Just a heads up! Make sure you have your backups current. If you think that other "clouds" are safe, then, no, they aren't. Keep your data on physical drives (backups off-line, i.e. on disconnected disks).


and with Windows, my habit has always been to defer feature updates by 3-6 months atleast.

Caveat, Users will need Windows 10 Pro for that, i've never used Home/Basic edition on Win 7 either so i'm not aware of how its done there because all I know from last time I checked is gpedit.msc is not accessible.

Yes I delay "feature" updates for 365 days :slight_smile: on Windows Pro. On Home edition you can change your internet connection properties to "metered" one. When you do, it will check for updates but it won't download updates automatically unless you manually agree to download over metered connection. Normally only WiFi/mobile can be set as metered, but with this you can do the same for Ethernet.


Some more Windows 10 issues.


Frankly I don't understand why Microsoft thinks people need any of those "improvements" they trying to add. Windows 10 wasn't bad when it was first released to manufacturing. Since then they just destabilized the OS and made it slower than it was initially.


Windows10 is the victim of their own announcement, they are "compelled" to release those "feature updates" twice a year and poor windows 10 is like a patient going under hurried ,poorly tested surgery whether needed or not.