Windows 11 clean install is MISSING cructial components

To whom it may concern,
My AmiBroker v6.40.4 (Build date Feb 2 2022) 64 bit version crashed on the "web search function", but the 32 bit version has been working normally.
Here is my screen record for this error in details:

In short:
I have window 11 home running on Parallel Desktop, has been working normally.
The AmiBroker has no special settings, no abnormal configuration for database settings, no 3rd party plugins, everything is normal
But whenever I click on the web search function on the 64 bit version, it crashes! But the same thing does not happen on the 32 bit version.
I don't know why.
Thank you for your support!

It is NOT AmiBroker problem.

You have to be aware that Windows 11 is missing crucial components that were built-into the operating system since 1995 namely WebBrowser2 component required for CHTMLView class is missing in certain installations of Windows 11 (apparently all installations UPGRADED from Windows 10 work fine, but fresh install Windows 11 seems to have missing parts)

This is WINDOWS BUG and you should contact Microsoft.
This has already been reported and it is "investigated" by Microsoft for nearly a year.

You may consider looking for ways to install missing feature yourself, before Microsoft fixes their OS: