Windows Alert Sound works, my custom alert sound does not

Hi, I have been using some Sound Alerts in my Explorations. They work fine when I use the windows10 built-in alert, but when I try to use my own custom alert they do not work, no sound at all

These are both alerts, the alert that does work fine (windows-Alarm01) and the second is my own custom alert (1T.wav):

AlertIf ( Filter , "SOUND C:\\Windows\\Media\\Alarm01.wav", "1_Canal", type = 0, flags = 1 , lookback = 1 ) ;

AlertIf ( Filter , "SOUND C:\\Windows\\Media\\1T.wav", "1_Canal", type = 0, flags = 1 , lookback = 1 ) ;

Here I share both wav archives for if anyone would like to check why is failing. Both are in the proper media folder in my computer.

alarm wav files

does it work when you put your file outside C:\Windows\Media directory ?

my guess is that security attributes of your file are protecting it from being accessed

good idea, but it still does not work,

thanks for the try

Your custom file is not a WAV file. WAV are uncompressed lossless audio files.

But your file seems to be just just a MP3 audio file where you apparently just changed file extension to WAV. That does not make it WAV file.

See codec info of your file.

But as by the manual it has to be actual WAV.
As this sound file example which works and is not Windows Media directory one.

I have not tried Alerif with other audio file types but I doubt other audio file types are supported since manual is specific about WAV with a reason. So your best chance is... get actual WAV files.


Thank you fxshrat . Good observation.