Windows MAPI is required for File->Send Chart via Email

hi! I downloaded the SSLAddOn 1.00a and installed the EmailerSSL, then set-up the Email settings under ==> Preferences ==> Alerts ==> Email settings. Finally, I clicked on "Test" to see if everthing is configured correctly. Indeed, my mailbox received a test message "This is a testing message sent from AmiBroker's E-mail Preferences page"

So I assume everything is supposed to be configured the right way.

Now when I have a chart that I would like to send and I go to ==> File ==> Send chart via E-mail, I receive a notification "Send mail failed to send message".

What could be the source of this issue?

File->Send chart via email does NOT use SSLAddOn or alert configuration.

Alert settings are for formula based alerts ( and SendMail AFL function

File->Send chart via email uses Windows-registered standalone email program, the OS registered MAPI server program that is Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird or similar. When MAPI is properly working, this function will open your email program, create new message, attach the chart as png file and let you continue composing email in the editor before sending.

Unfortunatelly Microsoft in bug-ridden/feature-incomplete Windows 10 forgets about mechanisms that were working for ages.