Windows UPDATE and sudden REBOOT causing problems

Whenever I update a watchlist and save the database, the watchlist will keep its data when I close AB and then restart it. But when the restart is due to a Windows update or other interference, the watchlist will revert to its old content. I then have to restore the watchlist folder from backup. I have no idea where AB keeps the old versions of watchlists and why it insists on overwriting the new ones with the old. Any ideas?
Btw, I only have one database and I only see one folder called 'watchllists' in my entire Amibroker folder.

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My understanding is that AmiBroker saves the database (including the watchlists) when you tell it to (e.g. by using File / Save Database) or when you manually close AmiBroker (e.g. File / Exit or the Close button). If you allow something else to terminate the AmiBroker process, then AmiBroker doesn't get to do its normal housekeeping and your database will not get saved.

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Sorry, I was misguided by original thread subject.

So the problem is NOT with AmIbroker, but with Windows UPDATE.

I adjusted subject of thread to reflect actual content.


You should schedule Windows updates NOT to reset your computer abruptly, as Windows update tends to kill programs instead of asking them politely to close and give them time to write changes.

Automatic restarts in the middle of the day are among stupidest ideas Microsoft ever come up with.

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