Windows XP: Error occurred in secure channel message, was: AmiQuote 3.28 no longer works with Yahoo history

My Internet works fine. I can download data from Google with AmiQuote. But Yahoo gives following error since yesterday ...


Not true. I just checked and AmiQuote works today equally great as yesterday and all days before.

The error you are getting is unrelated to AmiQuote. You have misconfigured Internet Explorer. If you googled for "error occurred in the secure channel support" message you would quickly find the solution yourself. First entry in google search results leads you to:

It takes 1 second to find solutions to every problem by just googling.

Thanks Tomasz. First thing a did was going to MS Support and found same instruction. But that did not help me at all. On the other hand, I should have given you more info.

  1. I am running AQ3.28 on WindowsXP and having mentioned error on that OS.
  2. When running AQ3.28 on Windows7 or 8.1 there is no error and everything works fine.
  3. I did not modify my IE on WindowsXP during the last year and the error only occurred since about a week ago. Before that AQ3.28 worked fine and I could download from Yahoo History without any problem.
  4. All other download connections like Google etc. work fine on WindowsXP with AQ 3.28.
  5. I am using FireFox as my default browser. Not IE.

It does not matter what browser you use. Internet Explorer is part of the operating system (so called WININET) and programs like AmiQuote use operating system WININET, and that includes IE settings that is why IE settings are applied to other programs using OS functions (like MS Edge, Office, Outlook, etc).

The error that you are getting means that Yahoo has changed secure protocol (https) to some more modern one (say from TLS1.0 to TLS1.2). Modern protocols require support in the Operating System. You are running Windows XP that is not supported by Microsoft anymore for 2 years and it does not receive updates. And Yahoo decided to ditch support for XP as well.

(FWIW: Firefox is totally unrelated as it skips OS - as they are multi-platform they had to reimplement all connectivity not to rely on OS).

Yes thanks no thanks Tomasz. That must be it. So the end of my beloved WindowsXP.
No problem. I have Oracle Virtual Box running and will move to Windows7 ...