Winning percentage of symbols in portfolio

I am wondering if there is a way to see winning percentage of symbols in portfolio testing. For instance I am testing 5 symbols in portfolio such as msft,ge,aapl,tsla and nflx, i want to know winning percentage of each symbol individually such as
msft 75%
nflx 81%
ge 50%
aapl 81%
tsla 51%
I have searched knowledge base and forums but did not see any topic or may be I did not use targeted search term. tahnks for help.

One quick and easy way is to run an Individual Backtest, which will test each of the symbols independently. It won't be perfect, as it won't take into account the effect of portfolio testing, such as capital restrictions and MaxOpenPositions setting, but it will give you a good idea based on your rules. If you want the individual win percentage within a portfolio test, you'll need to code it using the high-level custom backtester.

To see the results using an Individual Backtest, first set the Results list to Summary in the Report tab of the Backtester Settings.


Then run Individual Backtest from the drop-down menu next to the Backtest button.


Then one of the resulting columns will be % of Winners:


For using the Custom Backtester to generate your own custom metrics, this link has some good examples.