Work together on a regular basis


is there anyone that would like to work together on a regular basis ?

Help eachother out with inspiration / sharing / developing ?

I am investing for a living for about 25 years now, with ups and downs, recently converted to Amibroker and looking for some people to work together with on a regular basis to give the process a good boost.

Feel free to leave a message here or send me a private message.



After posting I thought about this and I realized what I am looking for.

Learning to code, converting your idea's into code, is not easy if you are a beginner in Amibroker.

So I would like to work together, create a group of people, and try to make a "path" that we can all follow together simultaniously.

So during a specific time, we all watch some video, read some book, try to do some coding and help eachother out if we don't understand or get stuck. Kind of like a "learn to code Amibroker" school.

So if you feel you are in the same place as me, would like to learn but like it better to do it together, let me know.

If someone is willing to become the "teacher", willing to guy some people on their path to learning Amibroker, then please also let me know.

It's all about working together and wanting to work together and help eachother out. Should be a community where we know there are no dumb questions because we all started out at the start.