working all all ticker symbols

I want to work on all ticker symbols in my database simultaneously on each date. i.e after working on all symbols on a particular date , I will move to next day to work again on all symbols .

I think right now , amibroker works on all dates of particular ticker and then move to next ticker to work on its all dates in applyto "all symbols" settings making it a ticker dependent movement , and I need to make it a kind of reverse and work in date dependent movement.
Thanking In advance.

@yash, Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you have already read the How to use this site and How do I debug my formula? sections, but with your recent joining and little read time, it is not apparent.

First question: Why? What are you trying to do? If we understand that better, we may be able to help.

Are you a New User of AmiBroker? Do you really understand the Array Processing?

If you are trying to generate some Market Statistics, then you might be served by the AddToComposite function. But your question does not get specific enough for us to really help.

Also, for best results, show us your code (or what you have tried). Remember to read the above links so you know about posting code with code blocks ("</>").