Working on only one ticker

is there a way that we use “all symbols” in “ApplyTo” but run afl code only on one particular symbol.

If you want to run your AFL against one symbol only, then you should set your Apply To to *Current. What are you trying to accomplish by setting Apply To to *All Symbols?

thanks for replying @mradtke
actually the problem is that I have two pieces of code combined in same afl , so now it is required that one type of code to run on one particular ticker while other works on all tickers.

if( Name() == "Symbol1") {
// do this
} else {
// do else think
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thanks for relying @awilson
in this , I am making “symbol1” independent while “do this” portion dependent on symbol1 , but the requirement is to make "do this " portion independent .
basically, I don’t want that if this “symbol1” appears , do this .
I want "do this " code to run on one symbol only and the other code to run on all symbols including “symbol1”.