Wrong stop amount, was: gets stopped out before actual SL is hit


My code has a defined SL and Profit targets. sometimes the stock gets stopped out before actual SL is hit. the one example in BT is highlighted in yellow in the picture..Can you please help me out in fixing my code. thanks

Cond1 = ValueWhen(C,O<C);
Cond2 = R > 50;
Cond3 = ATR(14) < (C-O);
Cond4 = ((MH > 0 AND MH > Ref(MH, -1))OR (MH < 0 AND MH > Ref(MH, -1)));

Buy = Cover= O<C  AND Cond3  AND Volume > x AND (C > EMA(C,200) )  AND (C > EMA(C,50) )  ;
Sell= Close<1;
Short=O>C  AND (ATR(14) <(O-C))   AND Volume > x AND (C < EMA(C,200) )  ;

         True ); 
         ApplyStop(stopTypeLoss, stopModePoint, Cross(EMA(Close,34),Close), True, True ); 

Read the manual. Third argument of ApplyStop in you code is wrong. It is supposed to be stop amount. Cross used here is wrong.

thanks a lot . it worked

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