Wrong symbol used, was: Chart not updating in real time of forex data from IB

I'm able to stream RT forex quotes, but the charts don't update like they do with stocks and futures.


Additionally, requesting a backfill only updates the chart once, and subsequent backfill requests say "backfill complete" but no data was added to the chart.

Based on what I read in the below posts, this seems to be an issue in how the data feed is being sent by IB and interpreted by AB.

However, I also use XLQ which has no problem with the IB forex feed.

Is there a workaround in AB?

Any help is much appreciated.

Try to use this kind of symbol
Its work for me .

All forex symbols in IB must use -IDEALPRO-CASH suffix. This is required because plugin specifically looks for IDEALPRO.

See: How to find correct IB symbol using TWS

Oh, ok. So using the Alias like this doesn't work for forex, but it works for everything else:

So in forex only, you can't use the Alias, but have to use the IB symbology in the Symbol field:

Many thanks for the clarification and fast response! :slightly_smiling_face:


If you really must use the alias, you should define things the OTHER way round. Alias should be EURUSD, main symbol should be EUR.USD-IDEALPRO-CASH

But generally speaking aliases are NOT for data plugins but for ASCII import only.

Only Main symbol is used by DATA PLUGIN. Not Alias. The plugin has NO idea what alias is and does NOT use it.

And no it does NOT work for "everything else". You were just lucky that you used US stocks where "SMART" exchange (the default when exchange is not supplied) works. But "SMART" does not work for forex.

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Thanks, Tomasz! This is excellent information. I had made some incorrect assumptions about the Alias field and I appreciate your feedback.