XY scatter Plots

I am trying to foloow the help example to create XY plot from Exploration. My code snippet is:

PEratio = LastValue(Close) / GetFnData( “EPS” ) ;
Clr = ColorHSB( 2 * Status(“stocknum”) % 255, 255, 255 );
XYChartAddPoint( “Num/PEratio”, Name(),Status(“Stocknum”), PEratio[ Length ] , Clr );
XYChartSetAxis(“Num/PEratio”, “[Num]”, “[PEratio]”);

I do not see the extra tab being created at bottom of Analysis Window

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Hi Ara
what AB version you have ?
i use 6.21 and 6.25 win7 x64 and at the bottom of Analysis Window works fine

testData = 56;
PEratio = LastValue(Close) / testData  ;
Clr = ColorHSB( 2 * Status("stocknum") % 255, 255, 255 );
XYChartAddPoint( "Num/PEratio", Name(),Status("Stocknum"), PEratio[ Length ] , Clr );
XYChartSetAxis("Num/PEratio", "[Num]", "[PEratio]");
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Thanks Panagioti, the code worked without changes … I must have missed
something before


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Thank you too.
You made my day today. why?
Ara, you just use the correct Greek grammar when you call my name.
And you call me without the final sigma. And that is correct. Even my wife, when she is angry, she call me WITH the final " ς " to make me upset. :sunglasses:
how you did that? I bet wasn’t by accident.


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