XY ScatterPlot Quadrants?

Hey Amibroker Forums,

I have been looking into XY Scatterplots through exploration as a means to compare segregated symbols E.g Volatility Symbols. However i have come across a few issues that i cant seem to grasp how to fix.

Firstly: I wish to plot quadrants in the graph to visually differentiate the X/Y Variables as marked by the red drawn lines in the image below.


Secondly: As seen on the image above, the graph is cutting off the text of the symbols to the far right. Is there any way to change that so the graph automatically adjusts for the text to fit in ?

  • Sorry for the odd questions, tried to google and tinker around first to no avail. Thankyou for your time.

Length = SelectedValue( BarIndex() );
yield =LastValue(C);
risk = LastValue( variableneg - variablepos ); // Variable not listed as its part of a larger code.

Clr = ColorHSB( 2 * Status("stocknum") % 255, 255, 255 );

XYChartAddPoint( chartname, Name(), risk[ Length ], yield[ Length ] , Clr );

I can add custom lines/axes in future versions. As for clipping of text - the only option for now is to add artificial data point that will extend "X" axis more to the right so there is more room.


Thankyou for the reply Tomasz,

So i figured a visual alternative to XY Chart quadrants is to change the color of the plotted value, depending on certain rules for example within certain graphical boundries.

Example given in the photo below: