Yahoo data For April 7 missing

Updated my US stocks this morning with Yahoo from April 03 to today (April 8). Noticed no data for the 7th. Went back and tried again to just download the 7th. Still no data except for a few symbols.

Any one else with this problem or knowledge on how to resolve it?

Have you tried recently? Haven’t updated myself but anytime amiquote failed to pull data I expected. A quick check from yahoo historical data like this
Would show that yahoo is missing it so nothing to pull.

They glitch every once and awhile on their end.

If you happen to have data hole for particular date(s), run AmiQuote, set "From" and "To" dates in AmiQuote to missing range, use Tools->Get Tickers from AmiBroker and then "Start download". Data from April 7 are available without problem, as verified today:


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