Yahoo Data not returning results - might be index

I'm new to AFL. I have a script I am trying to use. I importaed a CSV of the ASX All Ordinaries for the last 6 months or so, I used AMIQUOTE. The symbol for the index is "^AORD" in Yahoo, but the code I have seen mostly references "$". My code requires me to "pad and lign data".

I have put the ASX data into a "Market" that I specify in the filter, but I'm struggling to get any results.


  1. If I'm doing an exploration filtering by market to target a specific set of data, do I need to have the index data itself in that same market category?
  2. Any tips on how to reference indexes from Yahoo data, particularly ASX?

Symbology depends on data source. Especially for non-stock symbols. You need to adjust the formula to use the same symbol as your data source.