Yahoo Download Issue

Is anyone having trouble downloading stock data from Yahoo? Yesterday during the US session I attempted to download stock data as I have always done using Amiquote v 4.10 and Yahoo Historical as the data source. Amiquote starts, pulls up the ticker list from the currently open Amibroker database, runs a few scripts that you can see at the bottom of the Amiquote window, then pauses and then comes up with this error message in the first ticker in the list - "Can't access Yahoo - giving up. Check your internet connection and/or firewall/antivirus and if you have Internet Explorer 10 or higher installed".

Obviously I have checked the firewall and internet connection by switching off the firewall and switching to a second functioning internet connection, but still get the same error. Can anyone point me in the right direction to solve this download issue please? It is the first time I have ever seen this and I have been using Amibroker/Amiquote/Yahoo for decades.
Amiquote Screenshot


The message "Can't access Yahoo - giving up" means problem OUTSIDE of AmiQuote.

Sometimes YAHOO may experience local problem (remember that Yahoo web servers
use load balancing and depending on geographical region and/or IP you might
be connecting to different servers).

In both cases of YAHOO-created problems, the are only two possible solutions:

  • JUST WAIT - Yahoo will unblock you at some point (usually DAYS, not hours)
    and once they unblock you - download SLOWER and LESS.
    Consider using Fail-Safe defaults as explained here:
    Yahoo EOD error Download limit reached - #2

  • use different computer and different IP (internet connection)


UPDATE Dec 15, 2022

The incompatibility was caused by Yahoo changes. For some reasons in some geographical locations and on some computers their web page content was completely different than in other locations.

AmiQuote 4.12 addresses this incompatibility. If you are experiencing this problem, please update to 4.12: