Yahoo Fundamental and Tiingo Historical

I have a paid subscription to use Tiingo to update my historical and EOD. I don't know whether or not there is any fundamental data that gets downloaded with that or not to be honest, and not sure how to find out. I was considering using the Yahoo Fundamentals dropdown in Amiquote to get that data. If I do, will that affect my normal data updates from Tiingo in any way? The last thing I want to do is screw up the database. I have read through several threads, as well as Understanding AmiBroker Database Concepts and don't seem to find my answer. I appreciate any advice....

I have found out from Rishi at Tiingo that the data I receive from them is just pricing data and no fundamentals. He did say that they are working at possibly providing that in the future. So the only question that remains is concerning whether or not I am able to update fundamental data from Yahoo safely without ruining my Tiingo data or adversely affecting the database itself in some way?

Yes you can do that safely. Fundamental data are completely separate from pricing data

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Thank you very much Tomasz! That's excellent...guess I have a little work to do tonight!

Thanks again Tomasz. I thought of one more question that you might be able to help answer. How often does fundamental data change? Just when a company reports earnings? I guess the better question is how often should you update your fundamental data?

The general discussion about fundamental data and how often they change is here: Differences between Norgate Data and Premium Data in AmiBroker

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