Yahoo Fundamental Not Working Anymore


Seems Yahoo has updated their fundamental's page, and AmiQuote no longer works in downloading Fundamental Data. I've tried different browsers (including IE), cleared all my cookies, and can view the statistics just fine through these browsers however AmiQuote just says 'no key statistics for this symbol'


Yes I am aware of it. Yahoo changed their web site. I am working on it.


That you are working on it already is dowright amazing @Tomasz!!! You impress the hell out of me with how you maintain all of this. Impressive! That said I do have a quick question. I use Tiingo for my data and have been very pleased. They do not have Index data however. So what I have been doing, and I just want to make sure I am not screwing anything up, is updating my data using Amiquote with Yahoo first so that I can get the Index data, and then I am updating with Tiingo right afterwards. Because Tiingo doesnt have data for the indexes it just skips those and then updates everything else. Doing it this way should cause not any issues? Correct?

@MCassICT an alternative is to create a .tls file listing only the "index" symbols and use that file with Amiquote to get specific data from Yahoo.
Then download all the other data from Tiingo as you are doing now.

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