Yahoo message "wait and continue" - never seen before

Today I was going to download EOD data from, and got a message that stopped downloading for about 10 minutes, before it continued as normal.

I have never seen this message before.

Anyone that can explain why this message:


This is "wait and continue" mechanism that allows to automatically continue downloads after Yahoo blocks you temporarily for downloading too much too quickly. Described in the AmiQuote's Read Me. There is nothing wrong. It is perfectly normal.

This is a feature that was introduced in AmiQuote 3.23

Yahoo download limit Wait&Continue dialog implemented to handle situation when user hits Yahoo limit. The dialog waits user-specified time and continues download

Additional infor here:
AmiQuote FAQ

Yahoo (or other web site) started to block your computer/IP because you downloaded too much/too quickly. Web sites implement all kind of abuse protections and will block your IP if you exceed the reasonable limits.

Every morning (in Europe) I download a lot more than 2000 symbols (many different exchanges data) but I do it once per day, with only one simultaneous download connection and 10ms between requests. It is a bit slow but I never saw that dialog. Check the AmiQuote setting and try some different values.

Are you using a yahoo user id? I think this could help! From Amiquote, click Tools->Settings

@SwingTradeMonkey - this setting is a PROXY setting. It has nothing to do with Yahoo. And as I wrote, the message is COMPLETELY NORMAL. It just means that somebody downloaded too much too quickly and needs to wait a bit. There is no "solution" except downloading less.

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