YahooGroup will be switched to Read-Only mode at some point (was: in June)

This is a heads-up message for everyone.

AmiBroker YahooGroup will be switched to read-only mode in June 2017.

YahooGroups become so inconvenient that it is about the time to retire them.

If you want your dialogue to continue past June 2017, please use this new Discourse based site instead of YahooGroups.

UPDATE May 24, 2017: Exact date is not set. If things go smoothly it will happen sometime in June, if not – we will see.


Would you be porting the archives from yahoo groups to chm / discourse ?

Yahoo archives are a mess. There are no categories, no structure, no tags
so it is not really feasible.

Moving them to some static web page depository (like chm) is technically possible
but not easy from privacy point of view. At least all e-mail addresses would need to be removed.

All AmiBroker groups on Yahoo except are now switched to read-only.