"You were logged out" - REFRESH


I use Firefox for my AB forum posts but, recently on most posts I try to open I get this error message.
My status is still "Logged in"
Does anyone experienced the same issue?


@richpach, before posting a new thread is always good to a search in the forum.

The same problem was discussed previously, but without a definitive solution.

Anyway, you can try some of the suggestions an report back.

Hello Beppe,

I did try to search for this error but the search returned nothing.
On the positive side - it works fine in Google Chrome
So, at least a work around


@richpach did you try to clear the cache? A shortcut to do it Ctrl+F5

I am using Firefox all the time and it works just fine. But I do NOT use any extensions except uBlock Origin. So I suggest you to look for extensions that you use.

Hi Tomasz,

The problem is isolated to my home PC. When I try Firefox on my PC at work it works fine.
Also, it is not consistent. I can open some posts but not the others.
For instance take these three as an example.
I can open the first one but not the second or a third one.
It is strange. I don't want to waste your time on unimportant issues like this one.
Thanks for your advice.

Kind Regards

@richpach, is yours working now? Mine is working again!!! ???

Did not knowingly do anything to system or browser. Just seems to be working again.

"Strange things done on the World Wide Web"