Your DATA VENDOR should be using FOUR digit year already, was: Problem importing data - first trading day of 2020

Trying to import todays end of day data for the first trading of the year here in Australia.

As I usually do, I use the format YYMMDD, so 200102 for todays data.

The data is imported as usual via the Import Wizard, but it doesn't update any of files.

Looking closer I see I have data showing for 2 January 1920, not 2 January 2020, yet the date field in my CSV import file is 200102 ??

Probably I've made some sort of silly error, but I cannot see what it is.

Is anyone else having this problem or suggest a solution ?

Thank you.

Maybe try YYYYMMDD 20200102 and see if that works?

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Thanks Chris I've just done that, (after reading the user guide further) and it works, ie 8 digit date field, 20200102.

Thank you for your reply Chris.

Will be interesting if other users experience this.

I have the same problem

You need to use FOUR DIGIT year in the data that you are importing. This avoids any problems.

When you use two digit year (YY), the software has to do arbitrary choice as to what century the data is supposed to represent and is using fixed 19YY when YY >= 20 and it is using 20YY when YY is < 20.

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It’s like Y2K all over again.

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The USERS had 20 years to start using FOUR DIGIT YEAR. If somebody uses two digit year in 2020 they are either crazy or lazy.


Can someone tell me how to force CSI Unfair Advantage to export data in year 2020? I had the similar issue of not seeing data in 2020 but I am using CSI data as the provider? Is this a CSI issue or AmiBroker issue?

I do notice a bar of 1/2/1920 being exported! I will talk to CSI as well.

Well today 1/2/2020, my CSI data is not exported to AmiBroker (5.3). I have data all the way up to 12/31/2019 in AB. I can see the bar of 1/2/2020 in CSI Market Spec but it is not exported to AmiBroker.

Has anyone encountered the same issue? Is that possible AmiBroker uses 2 digits for year in the internal data structure?

It is not AmiBroker.

It is your DATA VENDOR - CSI - that still uses 2 digit year. Tell them to update their software called UNFAIR ADVANTAGE to use FOUR DIGIT year when doing exports.

Data vendors had 20 years of time to fix their software and use FOUR digit year.

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Thanks @Tomasz. I already sent email to CSI. Meanwhile I am wondering if there is anything I can do my self during the wait. Since the bar of 1/2/2020 is actually imported as 1/2/1920 in AmiBroker, can I call some API to fix this? Is there a way to modify the data in the AFL while running a scan?

One method I can make it work is to export all data as CSV by running one AFL, correct them outside AmiBroker and then re-import the data back to AmiBroker.

Is there something better than this?

Yes, you can use version 6.35.1. It changes threshold date to 2025 so YY < 25 will be interpreted as 20YY, giving another 5 years for data vendors to catch up with 21st century.


Tiingo has downloaded 2020 just fine...

Here's a simple but time consuming workaround allowing Amibroker to read 2020 EOD data until your vendor starts sending data in the correct format.

  1. Open a daily EOD data file in a simple text editing program (not Word).
  2. Select and copy date segment from one of the ticker lines. For example Jan 2, 2020 will look like this 200102.
  3. Go to menu "Find and Change" or similar.
  4. Enter find: 200102
  5. Enter change to: 20200102
  6. Press "Change All" or similar
  7. Save
  8. All date events for every ticker in the daily EOD file are now in correct format.
  9. Repeat this for each daily file.
  10. Complain to your data provider to supply data in four digit format for the year.