Your Plugin needs a runtime, was: Windows 10 10 20h no longer

I have a custom plugin that I wrote in 64 bit using C++. I compiled this plugin into DLL using codeblock 20.03 and I have been using this plugin for over a year now. However, when I do a fresh installation of Windows 10, October 2020 release, I then install Amibroker 64 bit, and put the same DLL into the plugin directory (without recompile the plugin from the source), and Amibroker just completely ignores the plugin and return no error, as if the plugin in is not there. I switched to install Amibroker 32 bit and put the same plugin into the plugin directory, now Amibroker sees it and said this is a 64 bit plugin and will not work on 32 bit. Please help.

You need a install the RUNTIME for plugins that you wrote yourself:

Hi Tomasz, thank you. I ended up installing Visual Studio 2019 and recompiled the source code inside Visual Studio and the DLL worked. I added a const qualifier before char *Name as the new pch header didn't like to pass an array to the char *. Thank you!

typedef struct FunctionTag
	const char	*Name;
	FunDesc	 Descript;
} Funct

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