Zoom Capability

I have recently upgraded to the latest version of Amibroker having used version 5.20 for many years. There is a difference in the zoom capability in the two versions: in V5.20 you can zoom in all the way to only having one bar displayed on the chart, whereas in V6.30.5 you can only zoom in to a minimum of 5 bars displaying. Is there anyway of getting the zoom in the latest version to only display the last 2 bars?

I use normalised percent multi-charts to look at groups of indices and ETF's and a two day view gives a quick and graphical view of which securities are leading in a breakout from a market bottom which aids in selection of what to trade.

IMHO displaying two bars make no sense. And I don't remember changing anything about zoom since 5.20. Anyway, you can press "END" key on the keyboard to add extra space and then scroll to display just 2 bars.

Perfect - thanks Tomasz