Zooming/ranging to selected exploration result bar in chart window

After running an exploration over a list of symbols, is there a way for the visible chart range (in plot window) to update so one can see the selected exploration bar, as one clicks through the exploration results in the Analysis window? For an exploration run across multiple years, I have to manually scroll the chart to be able to get to the selected bar. Is it possible to automatically adjust the range on the chart window to always be around the selected exploration result bar?

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@Tomasz please advise.

If exploration output includes symbol in first column and date/time in second column then "Show arrows for current trade" should give you what you want.


Unfortunately, does not seem to work for me. It would be great to have similar feature in Exploration that exists in Scan and Backtest, where shift-leftClick zooms in the bar (or any way to quickly navigate to the selected bar when going down the exploration results). If there is a better way to already do this, would love to know that from more experienced users.

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